How Bad Weather Impact Your Roof

One of the most common questions I get from clients, is how bad weather impacts your roof. They want to know if it will impact their roof in any way or damage it or cause leaks.

Weather is something you can’t avoid. You can’t control the weather but you can control how to maintain and protect your roof.

The key to properly and safely maintaining and protecting your roof is to understand your roof. The types of roofing materials you use, the number of layers of tiles, how much weight you have on the roof, etc.

It takes proper maintenance to keep everything working correctly. Another important aspect is having a good roofing contractor.

All things considered, there are many reasons why a client would want to know how the weather will impact their roof. So let’s discuss some of them.

One reason for wanting to know how much rain and how bad the rain is during the rainy weather is so they can evaluate what type of roof repair they need. And they can go about repairing the roof with ease.

They can do this because they are able to assess how much roof material is damaged by the weather, as well as any water that might be leaked into the building. And they can assess the conditions that cause the roof to leak.

Another reason is that during rain storms, roofers have a better chance of preventing roof and shingle damage and therefore prevent storm damage as well. Roofers do a lot of research before the rainy season hits.

A good roofer can quickly make decisions about roof repairs based on weather reports and meteorological conditions. He has a pretty good idea about what weather conditions and what the results will be, so he can easily make a judgment call.

For example, if there is a chance that the cold weather is going to result in a freeze, the roofer can call a plumber before freezing damage to the roof occurs. When snow is added to the mix, the plumber is even more accurate.

Now, some homes experience a bit of freezing or thawing during the cold weather. In those cases, a plumber can also do roof repairs before these conditions become bad enough to warrant it.

But even when it seems that the roof is doing its job properly, the rain is still hitting the roof and causing it to leak. In these cases, a roofer can make a judgment call and just fix the roof or replace it before too much damage occurs.